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Specification of cement steel nail1. Steel nails: Mainly used for the connection of cement walls, ground and surface materials, and the fixing of the base structure.

In life, nails are common things for us. Regardless of such a small nail, it plays a very big role. For example, it can be used to fix furniture. Several wooden boards are connected by nails to connect them firmly.

Drywall nails are not so magical and high in our daily lives. They used to be used only in high-end residential and engineering construction, but they are now one of the most commonly used building materials, such as We have to fix some items in our daily lives.

In the hardware market, iron nails have become more and more common in our lives. For example, in our construction and decoration projects, or in engineering construction, a large number of iron nails will inevitably be used. Then you know that iron nails Do you know its classification when we use it?

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