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What are the specifications of cement steel nails?

2021-01-28 10:22

Specification of cement steel nail
1. Steel nails: Mainly used for the connection of cement walls, ground and surface materials, and the fixing of the base structure. Steel nails have high strength and are not easy to rust. Ordinary walls do not need to be drilled, which is convenient to use, but the cost is higher, the model is small, and the amount of decoration is not large.
2. Round nails: mainly used for fixing the basic structure. Round nails have low strength and are easy to rust. They must be drilled and used. The price is low, the models are complete, and they are used more.
3. Straight nails: mainly used for fixing surface plates. Need to use a special straight nail gun, low price, not easy to rust, and can improve work efficiency, use more. The nail holes are not easy to see when fixing the surface layer board, which not only reduces the difficulty of later painting work, but also increases the decorative effect.
4. Nails: Mainly used for fixing base-layer decorative panels. Need to use a special nail gun, low price, not easy to rust.


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